New for 2018! Now Stocking Seawall Materials by Everlast!

New for 2018! Omaha Marine Center will now be stocking quality vinyl seawall materials by Everlast! We will be stocking the popular 3.1 series panels in the clay color in 6ft, 8ft., 10ft., and 12ft sizes at competitive prices and we will be stocking the popular hardware items. Give us a try!

  • Easy Installation

    Why are so many people choosing vinyl sheet piling?

    Vinyl sheet piling is quickly becoming the most popular product to use for construction of bulkheads and seawalls.

    Materials like wood and concrete have been widely used in the past, but the use of these traditional materials is becoming virtually obsolete. With the advent of vinyl sheet piling, homeowners with oceanfront or lakefront property can now rely on the newest manufacturing technology to receive the best product on the market today.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Cost Efficiency

    Vinyl is a better value. The real measure of this is not just the comparison of costs for the initial installation; you also need to figure in the costs over the long term. Since vinyl sheet piling lasts much longer than more traditional materials, the cost of repairs and replacement is delayed.

    In fact, should you ever decide to sell, your buyer can rest in the assurance that the seawall will last a very long time. That's an added value to your property.

    These are examples of what happens when your seawalls are constructed with materials that are not as durable and will fail significantly sooner than our state-of-the-art solutions.

  • Consistent Appearance

    Consistent Appearance

    It is well known that wood fades over time. Paint may cover that up, but the paint color will fade as well. There is really not a lot you can do about that except continue to paint in order to keep it looking nice.

    Vinyl, on the other hand, holds the same beautiful appearance for a very long time.

    UV Resistance

    Most materials react negatively to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, and it doesn't take very long for that to start happening. When the time period is stretched out over years, the sun can do some real damage.

  • Vinyl Projects

    Vinyl sheet piling is designed to be resistant to this, so the effects of the sun are not as serious or as quick.

    Unaffected by Marine Borers

    Marine borers are small mollusks or crustaceans that live in the ocean, and their primary source of sustenance is wood. If you use wood for your seawall construction, you will almost immediately have marine borers latching on and drilling into it.

    This degrades the integrity and stability of the seawall over time, which defeats the whole purpose of the structure. You want your seawall to be strong enough to withstand very harsh conditions. If a marine borer comes across a seawall constructed with vinyl, it just keeps moving. Vinyl provides no attraction at all for marine borers.

  • Easy Installation

    Easy Installation

    Vinyl sheet piling provides for an easy installation, particularly compared to wood. Wood is subject to imperfections, warping, and various deformities. This can sometimes cause problems or delays at the time of the installation. Vinyl does not have that problem. Unlike wood, vinyl does not grow in nature; the components of a vinyl seawall are manufactured to some very strict and precise standards. There is virtually no room for error, so you are able to have a consistent product each time. This means an easy installation. For you as the homeowner, it means that the disruption on your property is finished quickly - a lot of homeowners really like that part.

  • Better Warranty

    Better Warranty

    With all of the advantages listed above, it only makes sense that vinyl sheet piling comes with a full 50 year manufacturer's warranty. This starts from the date of purchase.

    We know vinyl will last a long time, so we back that up with a fantastic warranty. You can purchase our seawall products and have them installed by a certified dealer, and rest assured that your new seawall is covered by our lengthy warranty period.

    As mentioned above, wood is now obviously obsolete. The same can now be said for aluminum, steel and concrete; each is now overshadowed by the many advantages of vinyl.

  • Vinyl Seawall Projects

    About Vinyl Seawall Projects

    Vinyl seawalls made with ESP products are long-lasting, lightweight, and efficient. They offer strong and reliable protection against shoreline erosion. Everlast Synthetic Products feature top of the line materials, 从乙烯基板桩海堤帽. Below you can check out some of the vinyl seawall projects that have been constructed using EverLast vinyl sheet piling! Read more here, about ESP's robust product offerings.

    We'd be happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have about your own seawall project, our products, and general inquiries. Contact us here!

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